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Christina, 56 from Hastings, East Sussex Looking For Travel Friends

Christina, 56 from Hastings, East Sussex

Christina, 56 from Hastings, East Sussex

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Christina’s Characteristics

Height: 5’1″-5’4″
Build: Average / Medium
Ethnicity: Black African
Marital Status: Single
Smoker: None
Drinker: None
Children: 3+
Occupation: Legal

About Christina

Hello! my journey has been wonderful (although I did not always realise or appreciate all of the experiences life had provided me with). I am discovering more and more wonders and can truly say I know and understand myself in ways that I never thought possible. I am considerate and compassionate to the needs and feelings of others. I also enjoy my own company but would love to be in a more focused committed relationship. I enjoy all things spiritual and the releasing of judgements in all of the ways that it displays itself. I am working on unconditional love starting first with myself. I feel blessed and excited about what is to come.

Christina’s Interests

Country Music, Movies, Theatre, Dancing, Animals, Gardening, The Arts, Restaurants, Reading, Internet, Cooking, Travelling and Green Issues.

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