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Dating Niches in the UK

Dating Site Niches

Dating Site Niches

We’ve all heard of online dating, I’m sure there are not many people who own a television who will not have witnessed some of the adverts, or E-Harmony. And if you have a facebook account it’s hard not to have seen adverts for Plenty of Fish or Zoosk.

These are huge corporations with immense profits and advertising spend, but many will argue that so often the reality of these dating sites does not live up to what is promised. With such a wide database of users, paying for membership can be a bit off putting and many singles who use such sites can end up feeling like they are lost in a huge sea of singles. It can in some cases be most unsatisfying.

However, for some years now there has been a growing accumulation of niche dating sites, powered by smaller companies and in some cases individuals.

You will see adverts in less prominent places as advertising spends are no where near that of the major dating corporations.

Some of these niche dating sites offer one thing over another. Here are a few interesting niche dating sites which you may not have heard of but which do have a very reasonable database full of singles who are serious about finding romance and love.

Love Travel Dating – This is now regarded as one of the most popular dating sites for singles who love holidays and travel, you really won’t find a better place to meet like minded others who love jet-setting. It’s free to join in the UK and you can pay a small subscription fee of £15 for a one off month to see if you can find someone to backpack around the world with.

Pet Owners Dating – This site does what it says on the tin. The UK is a nation of animal lovers, both men and women adore their pet pooches or pussy cats, not forgetting horses and right down to hamsters and other small rodents. Pet Owners Dating is great for animal lovers as it provides common ground right away and those who look after animals  understand the responsibilities and love involved in this. What better a dating site to unite singles who love their pets.

Free UK Dating Site – This site is fast becoming THE most popular free dating site on the net. There are thousands of members who are able to browse and use various dating site facilities for free, it doesn’t have the same tacky nature of other larger sites which we have already mentioned. This dating site also promotes within specific areas, it has a free dating West Midlands section and free dating in London page too. Worth a look if you live in either area.

No matter what your dating preference is, you will find a dating site out there which fills your need or requirement, from sports, to travel, music to the arts, all you need to do is research a little on line.

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