Online Dating Safety Tips

Internet Dating is generally a safe way of meeting new exciting people. However there are some basic rules that you should abide by when using a dating site.

While these tips will appeal to women, it can also be worth taking into consideration that men are also just as much a target for fraud and other such activities so well worth a read.

Basic Advice

You should never give out your full name and home or work address until you really know someone well. No matter how quickly you feel that the person chatting to you is genuine, aways step back before getting too involved and ask yourself some common sense questions on your potential dates character with regards to safety.

Be careful when writing your profile so that you do not give away the exact area you live, do not give reference to places you frequent. This kind of information is not necessary when writing your profile, it's you that people want to know about, not which pub you drink in on a weekend or which gym you use.

There will be people viewing your profile that you do not know and maybe would not want to know, this is not to say you should be wary, but it is important to be careful about what personal information you share with people who are viewing your profile.

When signing up and writing your profile, be careful about using sexy names and wording, this may give out the wrong message and attract the wrong type of person to get in touch.


Once you have chatted with a prospective date, the obvious way of chatting is by phone or email.

Some people also communicate via facebook. This is not advisable, remember that any personal information you may have visible to friends will also be visible to anyone new you add as a friend which may not be ideal when you are first getting to know someone. Adding someone on facebook can always come later if after a few dates you feel comfortable with this.

Talking by phone first can sometimes give you an insight into the person you may one day meet. If you feel someone is being pushy then don't be afraid to communicate this and see how they react. If talking is easy then by this time you're probably thinking about arranging to meet.

Meeting Up

When you do arrange a meeting place, it is a wise idea to make sure it's somewhere busy with others around. A remote or quiet location would not be advisable for a first date. If you're parking somewhere like a pub car park or town centre, make sure it's in a well lit area or in view of passers by. Daytime in a cafe is possibly the best option but this is not always practical.

Always let someone you trust know when and where you are going, and what their username and telephone number is, maybe have a time which you will be texting or calling them to let them know you're OK. And a call once again when you are safely on your way back home. You should always communicate the fact your friend is waiting on your call too, this is totally understandable.

If you feel threatened or uncomfortable during the date, it is fine to make an excuse and leave, or even make a toilet break to communicate this to a friend or family member, do not feel indebted to anyone just because they have made the effort to meet.

Always make your own way to the date, never accept lifts or meet your date on a bus or train.

Take your mobile phone, keep it turned on and make sure it's fully charged before you head out.

If you are travelling long distance to meet... stay at a hotel, do not disclose the location or name of the hotel and never stay at someones house. Never travel in a car of a person you have just met. All these things are common sense but should be kept in the back of your mind.

When someone offers to buy you a drink, again be a bit wary on a first date, it's usually best to buy your own drink, or accompany them to the bar. This is not to scare you but your safety is paramount and no matter how relaxed your date may be, you still don't know them yet.

Fake Profiles and Scammers

Unfortunately, some fake profiles and scammers do slip through the net of all dating sites from time to time.

Anyone asking to communicate only via personal email should be avoided, any lengthy emails in broken English telling of sob stories or profiles which do not match up with the communication should be reported immediately.

Never ever pass on money, bank details, financial information, personal details or any other information requested. No matter how genuine someone may appear, you should only communicate via the dating site until you are totally certain the person you are emailing is who they say they are.

Fake profiles often use attractive photos and email quickly, or send lengthy emails which do not relate to an initial email.


Basic pointers again are:

  • Never give out personal information like full name and address unless you really know someone well after several dates.
  • Always let another person know where and when you are meeting, even on a second and third date.
  • Never send money or bank details to anyone no matter how real they may appear.
  • Buy your own drinks to begin with and make sure you meet somewhere busy and with safe access back to your car or transport stop.

Common sense is important, and providing you take necessary steps to stay safe internet dating can be a brilliant way to meet new people and possibly find love. Remember that you are responsible for your own safety and should take care to ensure you meet people in a safe environment.

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