Making the first move

Once you've registered with Love Travel Dating, it's likely you will be searching the database of other holiday loving singles. You will hopefully see someone you like, and be thinking about sending an email.

Be creative with the email title, avoid writing generic emails entitled simply 'Hi' or 'Hello'. This can be OK provided you follow it with the person's user name so it shows you have at least read their profile. People will like to know that you have taken time to read what they have written, and it's an easier way to break the ice.

Keep initial emails short and sweet, maybe ask how their week is going, and point out you their profile caught your eye.

Finding Common Ground

Once you've made contact and you're both chatting via email... how long should you wait before arranging a date or asking for their number?

If you've started chatting by email, it is important to find out about your date before going any further, have another look at their profile, familiarise yourself and show an interest in what they've written. Try not to keep revisiting their profile though, as this could appear over keen and a bit creepy. Visiting two or three times is acceptable.

Now is your chance to ask extra questions but try not to write essays in your emails, and do not ask personal or intrusive questions. Be polite, and direct and humour is always welcome but at this early stage you do not want to put people off by cracking jokes that may not come across well in an email.

Avoid pouring your heart out, and definitely avoid talking about an ex partner. Think positive and you will be positive.

Arranging a Date

If you've sent half a dozen emails it is probably time to decide if you're going to ask for a phone number or give yours out. This can be done alongside arranging a date, most people prefer to talk on the phone as the next stage before meeting, this relaxes you before the final meet up stage.

If you don't receive a reply instantly, do not despair, leave it a few days and if you still hear nothing maybe a gentle reminder and if you still hear nothing, it's a good idea to leave it and do not ask 'what's wrong' it could be for a number of reasons but at this stage don't waste your energy or time on this person, move on and you never know, they may come back to you later.

When you arrange a date please refer to safety tips here for some useful advice.

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