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Find Romance Down Under!

Australia has long been a popular holiday destination for us Brits, and with all that warmth and beauty it’s an ideal place to visit if you’re looking for a romantic chilled out break. Oz has so much to offer and if you’re looking to backpack or stay in style, the same sights and destinations will appeal to all travellers with a sense of adventure. Sydney Sydney is the largest city in Australia and has a very American feel about it, from the road layouts to the soaring skyscrapers, definitely one of the top cities in the world and one of the most romantic with all the local natural beauty and beaches. The city is clean and stylish, with a mixture of coast and inland living. There are so many places to visit, popular districts include Kings Cross and the Harbour. The Blue Mountains can be reached within a few hours from Sydney and really offer some beautiful scenery. For many though, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are the first ports of call. Boat trips can be taken to Manley Beach which is a beach bums paradise, or for the surfer enthusiasts Bondi is the perfect holiday destination with bars and restaurants lining the seafront. It’s very clean these days too! Melbourne Often considered the more fashionable and bohemian city than Sydney, Melbourne has a very European feel to it and is the perfect get-away for couples looking to relax and fall in love. The city has more old Victorian style buildings and an array of skyscrapers including an enormous viewing tower (similar to Sydney). Music and nightlife in Melbourne is brilliant, exciting and fast paced. There are some great quirky bars around Fitzroy and the city centre. Melbourne is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road and Grampian Mountains so a trip along this famous route is essential. Melbourne can be a romantic city too, with cosy Italian restaurants and eateries. East Coast If you’re after some quiet beaches and surf then Australia’s East Coast really has it all. From the Gold Coast holiday resorts to the Sunshine Coast, the city of Brisbane, Fraser Island’s stunning beaches and lakes, Cairns and Port Douglas, this side of Australia is truly a mine of golden beaches and sandy shores just waiting to be explored. It’s not just sand and sea here though, you can find immense rain-forests with tropical flora and fauna, such as Daintree National Park, the sunsets here are incredible and offer lovers some of the romantic...